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EDI2XML is a library of executable files developed to convert an ASCII X12 EDI files to XML

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as a Service

We offer our EDI2XML tool “as a Service”, where all conversions of EDI files are done on our end

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On Premises

We offer EDI2XML “on premises“, where setup and conversions are done on your server.

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How to solve Shopify eCommerce integration with EDI

ECommerce (or online retail) has been a growing trend over the last few years. Due to this, business partners, retailers and suppliers have been transforming their flows and processes in order to better serve today’s well-connected, tech-savvy and

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Why choose us ?

  • We have expertise in EDI communications
  • We provide the best support, as our team is always willing to help and ensure your system is running smoothly
  • We listen to your business needs to improve business processes
  • We offer up-to-date integrated solutions at a price affordable to all small to medium-size enterprises
  • We know technology AND business: a combo that makes us unique as software developers
  • We love what we do – developing the latest business solutions to ensure company growth, efficiency and success

Service Plans

EDI2XML on Premises

per month

EDI2XML as a Service

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“The solutions Pierre Namroud and his team have supplied us with are nothing less than excellent. With almost 20 years working together, Namtek has always come through with the best solutions with impressive speed and accuracy. Their software solutions, like EDI2XML, have saved us tremendous time and effort. EDI2XML has converted the EDI process from complicated to simplified.” Jeff Khoury
Executive Vice President, Chateau Bodywear / Watson’s