EDI2XML as a Service

EDI2XML as a Service is our popular translation and communication service offering to businesses of all sizes, from various industries. All conversions of EDI files are done on our end, leaving customers with no on-site installation of software or hardware and an EDI project that is on time and within budget. Customers can choose between 2 options: the Basic Service plan or the Full Service plan.


How it works

From A to Z, a customer’s EDI requirements is handled by our team of EDI experts. We take care of:

A setup phase is required for all new Trading Partner and/or EDI document implementations. This phase includes the project analysis, setup of Trading Partner accounts, configuring Partner specs and platform, defining the transferring file structures, building and setting up all connectivity required, data testing and more. Please be aware, every setup depends on the collaboration of the Trading Partner(s) and the customer.

The monthly EDI2XML Service & Mailbox fee is based on the number of KiloCharacters transferred back and forth in a given month.

Request our EDI2XML Translation Service Pricing Package here for more information.