Complete List of EDIFACT Messages

EDIFACT Messages Types – Complete List of EDIFACT Messages Code.

United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT) is the international EDI standard developed under the UN.
The standard message UN / EDIFACT has a six-letter identifier that reflects the short name of the message.

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    UN/EDIFACT    APERAK      Application Error And Acknowledgement
    UN/EDIFACT    AUTACK      Secure Authentication And Acknowledgement Message
    UN/EDIFACT    AUTHOR      Authorization Message
    UN/EDIFACT    BANSTA      Banking Status
    UN/EDIFACT    BAPLIE      Bayplan/Stowage Plan Occupied And Empty Locations Message
    UN/EDIFACT    BAPLTE      Bayplan/Stowage Plan Total Numbers
    UN/EDIFACT    BOPBNK      Bank Transactions And Portfolio Transactions Report
    UN/EDIFACT    BOPCUS      Balance Of Payment Customer Transaction Report
    UN/EDIFACT    BOPDIR      Direct Balance Of Payment Declaration
    UN/EDIFACT    BOPINF      Balance Of Payment Information From Customer
    UN/EDIFACT    CALINF      Call Info
    UN/EDIFACT    CASINT      Request For Legal Administration Action In Civil Proceedings Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CASRES      Legal Administration Response In Civil Proceeding
    UN/EDIFACT    COARRI      Container Discharge/Loading Report
    UN/EDIFACT    CODECO      Container Gate-In/Gate-Out Report
    UN/EDIFACT    CODENO      Permit Expiration/Clearance Ready Notice
    UN/EDIFACT    COEDOR      Container Stock Report
    UN/EDIFACT    COHAOR      Container Special Handling Order
    UN/EDIFACT    COLREQ      Request For A Documentary Collection
    UN/EDIFACT    COMDIS      Commercial Dispute
    UN/EDIFACT    CONAPW      Advice On Pending Works
    UN/EDIFACT    CONDPV      Direct Payment Valuation Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CONDRA      Drawing Administration
    UN/EDIFACT    CONDRO      Drawing Organization
    UN/EDIFACT    CONEST      Establishment Of Contract Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CONITT      Invitation To Tender Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CONPVA      Payment Valuation Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CONQVA      Quantity Valuation Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CONRPW      Response Of Pending Works
    UN/EDIFACT    CONTEN      Tender Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CONTRL      Edifact Control Message (Vers 2, Rel 2)
    UN/EDIFACT    CONWQD      Work Item Quantity Determination
    UN/EDIFACT    COPARN      Container Announcement
    UN/EDIFACT    COPINO      Container Pre-Notification
    UN/EDIFACT    COPRAR      Container Discharge/Loading Order
    UN/EDIFACT    COREOR      Container Release Order
    UN/EDIFACT    COSTCO      Container Stuffing/Stripping Confirmation
    UN/EDIFACT    COSTOR      Container Stuffing/Stripping Order
    UN/EDIFACT    CREADV      Credit Advice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CREEXT      Extended Credit Advice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CREMUL      Multiple Credit Advice
    UN/EDIFACT    CUSCAR      Customs Cargo Report Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CUSDEC      Customs Declaration Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CUSEXP      Customs Express Consignment Declaration
    UN/EDIFACT    CUSPED      Periodic Customs Declaration
    UN/EDIFACT    CUSREP      Customs Conveyance Report Message
    UN/EDIFACT    CUSRES      Customs Response Message
    UN/EDIFACT    DEBADV      Debit Advice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    DEBMUL      Multiple Debit Advice
    UN/EDIFACT    DELFOR      Delivery Schedule Message
    UN/EDIFACT    DELJIT      Delivery Just-In Time Message
    UN/EDIFACT    DESADV      Despatch Advice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    DESTIM      Equipment Damage And Repair Estimate
    UN/EDIFACT    DGRECA      Dangerous Goods Recapitulation
    UN/EDIFACT    DIRDEB      Direct Debit Message
    UN/EDIFACT    DIRDEF      Directory Definition
    UN/EDIFACT    DOCADV      Documentary Credit Advice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    DOCAMA      Advice Of An Amendment Of A Documentary Credit
    UN/EDIFACT    DOCAMI      Documentary Credit Amendment Information
    UN/EDIFACT    DOCAMR      Request For An Amendment Of A Documentary Credit
    UN/EDIFACT    DOCAPP      Documentary Credit Application Message
    UN/EDIFACT    DOCARE      Response To An Amendment Of A Documentary Credit
    UN/EDIFACT    DOCINF      Documentary Credit Issuance Information Message
    UN/EDIFACT    FINCAN      Financial Cancellation
    UN/EDIFACT    FINSTA      Financial Statement Of An Account
    UN/EDIFACT    GENRAL      General Purpose
    UN/EDIFACT    HANMOV      Cargo/Goods Handling And Movement
    UN/EDIFACT    IFCSUM      Forwarding And Consolidation Summary Message
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTCCA      Forwarding And Transport Shipment Charge Calculation
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTDGN      Dangerous Goods Notification
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTFCC      International Transport Freight Costs & Other Charge
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTIAG      Dangerous Cargo List
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTMAN      Arrival Notice
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTMBC      Booking Confirmation Message
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTMBF      Firm Booking Message
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTMBP      Provisional Booking Message
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTMCS      Instruction Contract Status Message
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTMIN      Instruction Message
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTRIN      Forwarding And Transport Rate Information Message
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTSAI      Forwarding And Transport Schedule And Availability
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTSTA      Cargo Status
    UN/EDIFACT    IFTSTQ      International Multimodal Status
    UN/EDIFACT    INFENT      Enterprise Accounting Information
    UN/EDIFACT    INSPRE      Insurance Premium
    UN/EDIFACT    INVOIC      Invoice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    INVRPT      Inventory Report Message
    UN/EDIFACT    ITRRPT      In Transit Report Detail
    UN/EDIFACT    JAPRES      Job Application Result
    UN/EDIFACT    JINFDE      Job Information Demand Message
    UN/EDIFACT    JOBAPP      Job Application Proposal Message
    UN/EDIFACT    JOBCON      Job Order Confirmation Message
    UN/EDIFACT    JOBMOD      Job Order Modification Message
    UN/EDIFACT    JOBOFF      Job Order Message
    UN/EDIFACT    LREACT      Life Reinsurance Activity
    UN/EDIFACT    MEDPID      Person Identification Message
    UN/EDIFACT    MEDREQ      Medical Service Request
    UN/EDIFACT    MEDRPT      Medical Service Report
    UN/EDIFACT    MEDRUC      Medical Resource Usage And Cost
    UN/EDIFACT    MEQPOS      Means Of Transport And Equipment Position
    UN/EDIFACT    MOVINS      Stowage Instruction
    UN/EDIFACT    MSCONS      Metered Services Consumption Report
    UN/EDIFACT    ORDCHG      Purchase Order Change Request Message
    UN/EDIFACT    ORDERS      Purchase Order Message
    UN/EDIFACT    ORDRSP      Purchase Order Response Message
    UN/EDIFACT    OSTENQ      Order Status Enquiry
    UN/EDIFACT    OSTRPT      Order Status Report
    UN/EDIFACT    PARTIN      Party Information Message
    UN/EDIFACT    PAXLST      Passenger List Message
    UN/EDIFACT    PAYDUC      Payroll Deductions Advice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    PAYEXT      Extended Payment Order Message
    UN/EDIFACT    PAYMUL      Multiple Payment Order Message
    UN/EDIFACT    PAYORD      Payment Order Message
    UN/EDIFACT    PRICAT      Price/Sales Catalogue Message
    UN/EDIFACT    PRIHIS      Pricing History
    UN/EDIFACT    PRODAT      Product Data
    UN/EDIFACT    PRODEX      Product Exchange Reconciliation
    UN/EDIFACT    PROINQ      Product Inquiry
    UN/EDIFACT    PRPAID      Insurance Premium Payment
    UN/EDIFACT    QALITY      Quality Data Message
    UN/EDIFACT    QUOTES      Quote Message
    UN/EDIFACT    REBORD      Reinsurance Bordereau
    UN/EDIFACT    RECADV      Receiving Advice
    UN/EDIFACT    RECALC      Reinsurance Calculation
    UN/EDIFACT    RECECO      Credit Risk Cover
    UN/EDIFACT    RECLAM      Reinsurance Claims
    UN/EDIFACT    REMADV      Remittance Advice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    REPREM      Reinsurance Premium
    UN/EDIFACT    REQDOC      Request For Document
    UN/EDIFACT    REQOTE      Request For Quote Message
    UN/EDIFACT    RESETT      Reinsurance Settlement
    UN/EDIFACT    RESMSG      Reservation
    UN/EDIFACT    RETACC      Reinsurance Technical Account
    UN/EDIFACT    RETANN      Announcement For Returns
    UN/EDIFACT    RETINS      Safety And Hazard Data
    UN/EDIFACT    SAFHAZ      Safety And Hazard Data Message
    UN/EDIFACT    SANCRT      Sanitary/Phytosanitary Certificate
    UN/EDIFACT    SLSFCT      Sales Forecast
    UN/EDIFACT    SLSRPT      Sales Data Report
    UN/EDIFACT    SSIMOD      Modification Of Identity Details Message
    UN/EDIFACT    SSRECH      Worker’s Insurance History Message
    UN/EDIFACT    SSREGW      Notification Of Registration Of A Worker
    UN/EDIFACT    STATAC      Statement Of Account Message
    UN/EDIFACT    SUPCOT      Superannuation Contributions Advice Message
    UN/EDIFACT    SUPMAN      Superannuation Maintenance Message
    UN/EDIFACT    SUPRES      Supplier Response
    UN/EDIFACT    TANSTA      Tank Status Report
    UN/EDIFACT    VATDEC      Value Added Tax
    UN/EDIFACT    VESDEP      Vessel Departure
    UN/EDIFACT    WASDIS      Waste Disposal Information
    UN/EDIFACT    WKGRDC      Work Grant Decision Message
    UN/EDIFACT    WKGRRE      Work Grant Request Message

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