EDI2XML is a library of executable files developed to convert ASCII X12 EDI files to XML format [EDI to XML]. Out of the box, the EDI2XML converter is able to read an incoming EDI  file format, regardless of its version, and convert it to XML format based on a pre-defined schema (.xsd). The output XML file can be parsed and processed with most of the ERP and management applications on the market, since XML is the standard for data exchange.

For outgoing EDI files, EDI2XML works in the opposite way; it reads an input XML file and produces an EDI file format as an output [XML to EDI].

From this technology, our team of EDI experts are able to provide the full EDI2XML Translation Service for businesses of all sizes. This EDI offering was designed with the business person in mind in order to simplify the once-complex B2B EDI Communication process.

Our EDI2XML Translation Service is perfect for businesses that don’t want the hassle of starting an EDI project from scratch. Our services cover all EDI Mapping, Partner Configuration, Translation Processing, Standards Maintenance, XML Translation, EDI communication with Trading Partners, etc. for your business. We also work with your team to easily integrate EDI with your ERP application in order to streamline the EDI integration process.

How does EDI2XML differ from other EDI translators on the market?

– EDI2XML is more than just an EDI translator; this full service EDI offering handles it all, from A to Z, so your team doesn’t have to.

– Most EDI to XML tools on the market only convert EDI files into an XML “as is”; meaning that the XML format of the result file is the same as the EDI file.  However, EDI2XML’s XML result files don’t look the same. It is a simplified version of the original EDI format; segments and fields naming are simplified to reflect the description in EDI standard, loops are reduced to the minimum… Basically, the XML result file provided by our EDI converters can simply be interpreted by any user.

EDI2XML was designed to meet the EDI needs and budgets of companies of ALL sizes.

– Our team focuses on making YOUR lives easier when it comes to EDI communication. We work with you and your Trading Partners to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Who can benefit from EDI2XML?

With EDI2XML, we’ve given companies the ability to exchange sensitive business documents via EDI without requiring them to hire in-house EDI/IT personnel. This service is great for any business looking to implement EDI at an affordable price, without any headaches.

Download our EDI Brochure: The EDI to XML Service for your Business Needs to learn more about EDI integration, Fully managed EDI service, and EDI2XML Web Service. 

We now have an efficiently running system, ErpWizard, that is NOT made up of patch work. Our biggest improvement is by far EDI2XML which allows us all the flexibility and control to receive & send transactions flawlessly.

– Jeff Khoury, Exec. V.P., Chateau Bodywear/Watson’s

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