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Partnership Program with EDI2XML and Magic Software

The partnership program with EDI2XML has been designed in a way to offer various advantages to our partners:


Business level

– A comprehensive and competitive offer for a variety of business opportunities.
– Allow you to offer your customers the best technology and solution.
– Leverage the skills and expertise of our team and the global community.
– Easy-going and flexible business collaboration with our partners.
– Affordable startup and subscription fees to get going

Technical level

– State of the art integration technology.
– Integrate with branded systems using certified connectors in any direction.
– Local support on EST zone, from our support team based in Laval – Quebec.
– Bilingual training in French and English.
– Need more hands to deliver, we can help!

We offer three types of partnership programs:

1. Referral Partnership program
2. SI Partnership program
3. Gold Partnership program

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 Partnering with us will open the door for your company to a variety of expertise and resources!