EDI2XML Service “On Premises”

“On Premises” EDI2XML services

We offer EDI2XML services with “on Premises” deployment at the customer servers. Basically, there will be few components that will be deployed “on-premises”:

EDI2XML service “on Premises” features

Pricing model

To implement our EDI2XML service on-premises, there are a few aspects to consider, that are related to the implementation cost. The first one relates to the onboarding, setup and installation phase, and the second is related to the monthly fees pre and post “go live”.

1. Initial onboarding, installation and setup

During this phase, one of our integration engineers will analyze the project with the customer: collect information, verify the trading partners, and all aspects of the integration. Then our technical engineers will take care of preparing and configuring the necessary technology components to work in accordance to what has been analyzed previously, test and deploy “remotely” on the customer server.

In terms of cost, this phase is billed based on “time and material”, it can vary from project to another. It is important to contact us in order to evaluate your project and provide an estimate that is accurate to your project.

2. Monthly subscription fees

Our “on-premises” EDI2XML monthly service fee is based on two major fee elements:

a) “License subscription fee”: this monthly fee is a mandatory fixed monthly amount. It starts from $450 US per month, and can go higher, depending on the scope of the project, the integration points, and the systems to integrate with (i.e. Oracle JDE, SAP, ….). This fee covers the subscription license fees deployed on the customer premises.

b)Mapping and translation fee”: this fee covers the mapping and translation services; it is based on the volume of data (in KC or KB) translated in both directions. The fee is based on a grid where the cost per KB goes down when more data is processed.

Hardware requirements

Following are the recommended minimum requirements to deploy EDI2XML service “on-premises”.

A virtual or physical machine with the following minimum requirements:

Obviously, the two major requirements other than hardware are:

EDI Documents supported

We have an extensive library of incoming and outgoing EDI documents (in ASC X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA / X12 standards) that our service supports. To view the full EDI library, click  here

Moreover, if a transaction/document you are looking for is not on the list, we can simply just add it within 48 hours at no additional fee.

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