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Check out our free, informative guides on EDI Communication as well as on our popular EDI2XML Service. You’ll learn just how easy, quick and affordable it is to become EDI-compliant with our EDI service. Download the documents below!

EDI to XML converter free e-book


EDI to XML Converter [Registration Required]

Discover how you can streamline and simplify your EDI projects with EDI2XML


EDI Web Service advantages


EDI Web Service[Registration Required]

A 1-page paper on EDI Web Service and advantages of using EDI2XML HTTP Service.


EDI Web Service

Price List: EDI Web Service  [Registration Required]

Interested in our EDI2XML Web  Service?  Take the next step to request our EDI Web Service Price List.   This price list also includes an FAQ section for information about our EDI Web Service.


White Paper: Magic xpi Integration Platform.  [Registration Required]

A 13-page White Paper on the Magic xpi Integration Platform. You’ll learn about what Magic xpi is and how Magic xpi lets you streamline business quickly and easily, integrating them across diverse applications, platforms, and databases.

Electronic data Interchange eBook


eBook:  EDI – Key Information You Need to Know  [Registration Required]

A 10-page eBook on the Key information about EDI. We have revealed in this eBook the functioning of EDI, advantages of using EDI and data transmission.


GUIDE: Intro to EDI [Registration Required]

A 13-page guide on the basics of EDI Communication. You’ll learn about what EDI is and what are its major components, why it’s so popular amongst businesses, what a typical EDI transaction flow looks like and how to get started with EDI using EDI2XML.



The Rise of EDI for B2B Transactions


PRESENTATION: The Rise of EDI for B2B Transactions 

A short 22-Slide Presentation on how to use an EDI Translation Service for all your EDI needs.



EDI2XML Brochure: The EDI to XML Service for your Business Needs [Registration Required]

Read our 8-page brochure on the EDI2XML Service. You’ll see what this EDI service covers, how our EDI as a Service and EDI Web Service  work and the benefits you’ll realize with EDI2XML. Don’t miss out!



EDI2XML Translation Service


PAPER: EDI2XML Translation Service 

A 1-page paper on EDI2XML’s Full Translation & Communication Service offering.




EDI Price


PRICING PACKAGE: The EDI2XML Service  [Registration Required]

Learn about our seven pricing plans – Business Light, Business, Professional, Enterprise, Corporate Level1, Corporate Level2, Corporate Level3.  This pricing package also includes an FAQ section for information about our popular EDI service.




Brochure on our Cloud Integration and EDI as a Service offering


BROCHURE: Cloud Integration Services  

A 3-page Brochure on our Cloud Integration Platform, comprising of our EDI as a Service offering and System Integration Services.



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