What is EDI2XML Web Service?

EDI2XML Web Service, is an HTTP service running over the internet, on EDI2XML own platform that is capable of receiving HTTP requests to translate EDI messages to XML, and XML messages (based on EDI2XML’s proprietary format) to EDI.

Advantages of EDI2XML Web Service

There are great advantages for developers and IT project managers to use the EDI2XML HTTP service. Following, are some of the main advantages and benefits:

• No need for EDI experience: work with an XML format, that has been mastered by most developers, without the need for sharp expertise in EDI

• Quick Startup: Get started with less than an hour, from the time you subscribe and get your API tokens

• Easily integrate EDI into your flows: We provide a functioning Java client that you can use within your flows and projects, and starting getting results instantly

• Save time: We provide xml schema files of all the transactions EDI2XML supports.

• Outstanding technical support: Rely on our 20+ years of expertise in EDI and integration projects, whether for consulting, technical support, project planning: we have you covered all the way

• No contract: pay as you go and a very simple and dynamic pricing scheme

How EDI Web Service Works

Our Web Service System is designed to receive HTTP requests in “multi-part/data form” encryption mode, encapsulating few parameters (API Token and password). At the same time, the HTTP request can include:

Upon receiving the Request, EDI2XML web service will detect the message sent, and find out whether it is an XML message or an EDI message.

Basically, EDI2XML HTTP service is very intelligent to detect the message received within the request and will act accordingly into translating it from EDI to XML or XML to EDI.

Getting Started

Getting started with EDI2XML Web Service is very simple and quick. Within less than an hour, you can issue the first Call to the Web Service and see the response. Our Web Service is very well documented and instructions are provided with each subscription. In our instructions guide we provide:

a Java client that receives (4) parameters and does the call and returns the result. You can use at your own will within your flow. It is 100% cross-platform, and free to use by our subscribers. This client has been developed by our own team to ease our clients’ work.

 An example of how to interact with HTTP service from ARC (Advanced REST Client) software where you can see the result instantly right after you fill the appropriate variables.

One sample EDI file for testing.

One sample XML file for testing.

Hyperlink to download all the schema files for the XML transactions.

How Much EDI2XML Web Service Costs?

EDI2XML fees to consume HTTP / Web Service calls are based on a very simple pricing scheme. There are [2] elements that make up the price:

a) Monthly mailbox fee: a “fixed” monthly fee for the Web Service Mailbox usage on EDI2XML platform. It is a non-refundable fee.

b) Data processing fee: a “variable” fee based on the volume of data processed and translated between EDI and XML, during a calendar month. The volume of data processed is computed in both directions:

a) Incoming, and

b) Outgoing

Click here to request the price list in order to access EDI2XML Web Service