Integration with JD Edwards

Integration with Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise

Looking to integrate your EDI or eCommerce processes with Oracle JDE enterprise one, look no further, since we have the best integration option where we turn your Oracle JDE system into a modern REST API, that receives https requests and acts accordingly. With our expertise and integration tools, we can turn your EDI and eCommerce integration processes from months to a few weeks. Thanks to the power of Oracle Orchestrator studio and our experimented Orchestrator engineers. No hassle, no worries about all the headaches and complexities to work with Oracle’s JDE Z Tables….

Our experts are capable of processing transactions in bidirectional modes to read and write into your Oracle JDE, and turn it a very modern REST API, using its built-in functionalities and validation process.

EDI2XML Service and JDE Orchestrator Features

The combination of EDI2XML managed services put together with Orchestrator awesome capabilities, offer great advantages and features for corporations running Oracle JD Edwards enterprise one as ERP:

   • Quick development, and deployment whether to PY or Production

   • Turn the integration projects from months to weeks

   • No need to build custom rules to work with your JDE processes: we work with your existing rules and exceptions in place and active in JDE

   • Open your Oracle JDE to the outside world with a modern REST API, capable of reading and writing into the ERP based on pre-defined active rules in your system

   • Eliminate the costly JDE developers to build code for months and months in order to create an interface to one of your modules

   • Work with experienced JDE engineers and entrust your integration projects to people who understand the JDE technology, EDI and your business


Project Model

To integrate EDI or eCommerce platforms with Oracle JD Edwards, there are few phases to go through:

1 – Information Gathering

During this phase, one of our JDE integration engineers and Orchestrator experts will analyze the project with the customer: collect information, analyze how currently the client work with his JDE, and how they manually enter data (i.e. orders) currently in their Oracle system.

On the other hand, another EDI or eCommerce engineer will collaborate with the customer in order to evaluate the EDI requirements, review the trading partner’s requirements, and all aspects of the integration.

2 – Development and setup

Once the previous phase is completed, then the JDE team will put together the plan to:

   • Enable Orchestrator studio on the PY platform of the client

   • Create the Orchestration(s) for the modules defined in the previous phase

In parallel, our EDI and eCommerce team will take care of:

   • preparing and configuring the necessary technology components to work in accordance to what has been analyzed previously

  • Test and deploy the settings in our private cloud, in order to work in accordance with the information gathering defined in the previous phase

 Do you have your internal Orchestrator team? No problem, our team can work with your team in order to achieve the integration goals of your company. 

3 – Testing and QA

Upon completion of the above, our QA team will kick-off a pre-production period where we simulate a production environment, but in a pre-production mode, until the client is satisfied, and we schedule the go live date.

4 – Post-Production support

The minute our client moves to Production, we take care of all aspects of support related to the implementation Our JDE team will oversee support issues related to Orchestrator, while our integration team will be in charge of the ongoing support of the other aspects of the integration.

EDI Documents supported

We have an extensive library of incoming and outgoing EDI documents (in ASC X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA / X12 standards) that our service supports. To view the full EDI library, click  here

Moreover, if a transaction/document you are looking for is not on the list, we can simply just add it within 48 hours at no additional fee.

eCommerce Platforms Supported

Following is a shortlist of the eCommerce platforms we support:

•  Shopify

•  Amazon MWS

•  Woo Commerce

•  Magento

•  Any platform that is API ready…

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