EDI2XML Integration and Automation for Amazon Seller Partners

EDI2XML integration enables Amazon Sellers to automate the integration of their Amazon Seller stores’ data, into their own ERP/CRM systems. Be it a home-grown software solution or a branded ERP/CRM system, EDI2XML can automate and synchronize in a bi-directional mode and close to “real-time manner”, data related to:

– Orders management
– Inventory feed
– Product updates
– Fulfillment

In addition to many other data layers available to the Amazon Seller partner, and provided by Amazon own REST API for partners (SP-API)

Service Features

Here is a list of the top important features offered in our EDI2XML integration service with Amazon SP API:

– Cloud-based, fully managed integration service
– Full automation and notification
– Certified connectors to branded software systems (i.e. JD Edwards, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics…)
– Connect to and synchronize with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce and many others
– Support and availability 24/7/365

Who Should Use the Service?

EDI2XML integration service is ideal for:

– Amazon Sellers of all sizes, considering they are selling and managing their own online Amazon Seller store (Amazon Seller Central).

– Companies running an Amazon Seller account, on multiple different marketplaces; it is a great option to allow them to consolidate and integrate their Amazon data within their own ERP/CRM in a close to “real-time” manner.

– Companies looking to interconnect and integrate their Amazon Seller Accounts, to most of the ERP/CRM in the marketplace today; from homegrown systems, to branded systems, EDI2XML uses certified connectors to integrate with the major branded system (i.e. SAP, JDE, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and more…)

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