Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting - Fully Managed Cloud Service

Shared Hosting is our Managed Cloud Services, the customers can run their resources on our equipment, and resources will be distributed based on commitment.

The shared hosting is a low-cost business model, with excellent operational security, availability, and stability.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

– No investment on IT infrastructure- the company does not need to invest and buy equipments every 3 years; all resources (RAM, CPU, storage, security, monitoring…) are provided part of the service…

– Do not spend too much time firefighting but moving the business forward.

– Savings – the total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower than “on-premises” implementation for the same solution.

– Reliability – the level of service is guaranteed by the SLA.

– Quick implementation, starting from architecture design to implementation and testing with professional and experimented engineers

– Access to the latest technology and expertise from Namtek’s professionals.

– Flexibility – the ability to scale up or down to accommodate a business need.

– Fully managed service: Our professional team of architects and systems engineers will take care of your project from the initial phase up to the go live. No stretching of your internal teams, as it might happen with “Self Service” offerings.

– Cost predictability; We have a clear pricing policy and no surprises.

With our Shared Hosting, we provide to our customers:

Cloud Services Provider Managed Service.

Cloud Services Provider Shared infrastructure.

Cloud Services Provider Cloud service backup. (Business Continuity and Disaster recovery)

Cloud Services Provider Physical security.

Cloud Services Provider High speed internet access.

Choose the best Shared Hosting Services

Free up time and resources for business expansion, gaining new competitive advantages with our Shared Hosting Services.

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