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CBP EDI 309 Customs Manifest Transaction

  CBP EDI 309 Customs Manifest Transaction The EDI 309 Customs Manifest is an important EDI document to be exchanged, when moving goods cross the borders to the United states whether for export or import of goods. The EDI 309 document is issued by the freight company (or carrier), in order to provide US customs …

EDI X12 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender – overview

  What is EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender? The EDI X12 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender is an electronic document originating from a paper Motor Carrier Load Tender. The EDI 204 transaction set is used to communicate an offer for a shipment to a full load motor carrier. The EDI X12 204 Tender is …

What are the differences between RosettaNet, EDI ANSI X12 and EDIFACT

What is RosettaNet? RosettaNet is a non-profit organization having more than 500 high-tech companies as members. These members create and implement open standards for processing business to business (B2B) transactions, especially at the supply chain level, in their appropriate vertical. The main mission of RosettaNet organization is to generate standard protocols for specific business transactions …

Must-Have Integration between E-Commerce and Business Systems

Prior to addressing the e-commerce integration with different business systems and applications, let me start by asking the obvious question, and try to answer: “What is integration?“ In a short sentence, “Integration” is the process of orchestrating processes and synchronizing data between two or more different business software systems, without human intervention. The integration between …

Fully managed EDI service VS HTTP Web Service: Which is Better for Your Business ?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is one of the most used protocol in a modern Business to Business integration. EDI technology is growing fast and is evolving with time. Companies from all verticals, are extensively leveraging EDI, and benefiting from its advantages. EDI standard and all the services around it, are becoming more and more popular, …