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All you need to know about EDI ANSI X12 Transaction Set 850 Purchase Order

  What does EDI stand for? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is one of the fundamental protocols of business documents exchange, for companies collaborating in today’s business world. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an electronic exchange of business information between companies in a standardized format. This technology is used by businesses around the world as their …

How EDI can speed the receiving of goods in a warehouse

Most distribution companies are faced with delays in delivering and receiving merchandise and the acceptance of shipments. There are many reasons for these delays, starting from employee’s efficiency and not ending with an ineffective system of storage of goods within the warehouse and lack of technology tools. Any insignificant factor in the functioning of the …

Advantages of Fully Managed EDI solution for companies in a post COVID-19 era

What is EDI (Electronic data interchange)? Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the exchange of structured data, according to a pre-defined format agreed upon, between computer systems and without human intervention. It is the basis of successful entrepreneurship. This is precisely the reason why business partners want to do business electronically, with their business partners such …

EDI for Third-Party Logistics providers (3PL)

Almost every manufacturing and distribution company today, work with third-party logistics providers (3PL) to organize and manage their transportation of goods. This allows companies to save on their cost of warehouse management, easily track the movement of their goods, inventory, preparation of documentation, cargo handling, and delivery to the buyer. In this article, let us …

How to change your EDI Service Provider

  Today, companies switching from one EDI service provider to another, is not different from someone changing his mobile operator. Successful companies are always looking for better services and conditions. They are not afraid to change their EDI service provider, considering they add a value with their new selected choice. Typically, the main reasons for …