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Mar 2023
EDI X12 404 Rail Carrier Shipment Information
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has revolutionized the way businesses exchange information and collaborate with their business partners. EDI 404 (X12) – Rail Carrier Shipment Information is a transaction set that enables rail carriers to exchange shipment information with their trading partners. In this article, we will explore EDI X12 404 Rail Carrier Shipment Information in …

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Feb 2023

This article will cover one of the critical EDI documents in Supply Chain Management, the EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog. What is EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog? The EDI 832 formally known as EDI X12 832 Price/Sales Catalog Transaction Set is a critical document that is used to provide product information and pricing data; it is sent …

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Dec 2022
EDI communication
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Introduction: What is EDI? The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard was developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It allows companies to exchange information about products, services, orders, and payments electronically in a standardized format. Therefore, EDI is a technology that replaces the exchange of paper/file information between business partners with an automated exchange …

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Jul 2022
EDI Integration and Automation

Business Automation through EDI Solution Most entrepreneurs who have never experienced EDI before, feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting an EDI provider or solution, to start exchanging business documents with their trading partner. There are multiple EDI solutions from different big and small EDI Providers. At first blush, each EDI solution looks better than …

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Jun 2022
EDI 812 Integration

Modern businesses are constantly striving to improve and automate their business processes, especially when it comes to supply chains. However, even the best-run supply chains can face situations where adjustments need to be made. If a problem arises with a purchase order, the trading partner uses EDI 812. What is an EDI 812? EDI 812, …

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Feb 2022
EDI integration

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange is a well-established protocol of business data exchange, which has become more and more widespread in recent years among businesses of all sizes and various industries. Through EDI, companies can exchange business documents that were traditionally communicated on paper or by e-mail. By replacing the exchange of paper or e-mail …

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Jan 2022
EDI-for Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing and EDI: Introduction Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an essential part of the modern manufacturing business process. EDI can speed up production, reduce labor and storage costs, and improve all manufacturing business processes. In this article, we will analyze how and why EDI is used in manufacturing companies and how to get started with …

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Jan 2022

In today’s highly competitive business market the efficiency gained through EDI implementation and integration is enormous. EDI (for electronic data interchange) allows companies to interact effectively with their business partners and opens new doors for small businesses to collaborate with large companies. There are various types of EDI solutions, it can be either locally installed …

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Dec 2021
What is EDI 824

EDI 824 Definition EDI 824 Application Advice is an EDI document that is sent in response to a previously received EDI transaction. EDI 824 reports the receipt of an EDI document and indicates its status. Application Advice can report various statuses: – acceptance – rejection – acceptance with change Normally, trading partners discussed and agree …

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Nov 2021

What is an EDI 210 Transaction Set? EDI Transaction Set X12 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice is an EDI document used in logistics by motor carrier companies. EDI 210 is usually sent by the carrier to the shipper (it could be a 3PL warehouse, distributor center, manufacturer, etc.) in order to provide detailed …

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