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Jun 2023
EDI 852 - Product Activity Data

All you need to know about the EDI 852 document in retail supply chain management. Explore its benefits, structure, business flow of Product Activity Data (EDI 852) and many more.

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Jun 2023
EDI 862

Introduction: What is EDI X12 862 Shipping Schedule? In today’s digital world, efficient communication and streamlined processes are paramount for successful supply chain management. One of the key tools that facilitate this seamless exchange of information is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Among the various EDI transaction sets, the EDI 862 transaction, also known as the …

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Mar 2022
EDI for Suppliers

Suppliers can offer a retailer a broad selection of products that can range from 10 to 300 or more different items. Considering that a large retailer (as well as a supplier) can have dozens or even hundreds of different trading partners. Exchanging such a volume of information by fax or e-mail, and manually entering an …

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Feb 2022
EDI integration

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange is a well-established protocol of business data exchange, which has become more and more widespread in recent years among businesses of all sizes and various industries. Through EDI, companies can exchange business documents that were traditionally communicated on paper or by e-mail. By replacing the exchange of paper or e-mail …

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Nov 2021

What is an EDI 210 Transaction Set? EDI Transaction Set X12 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice is an EDI document used in logistics by motor carrier companies. EDI 210 is usually sent by the carrier to the shipper (it could be a 3PL warehouse, distributor center, manufacturer, etc.) in order to provide detailed …

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Jul 2020
EDI in Supply chain management

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. What is EDI? EDI or Electronic data interchange is a technology for exchanging information in real-time between business partners, based on standard and structured electronic messages. EDI has particularly gained popularity in logistics and retail. This is a recognized standard in business because this protocol …

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