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Nov 2023
EDI 944 for warehouse

EDI 944: Introduction Welcome to the next part of our series on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for logistics. With over two decades of EDI integration experience, we are excited to share our knowledge and insights with you. In this article, we will look at EDI 944 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice. Our goal is …

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Oct 2023
EDI 943

EDI 943: Introduction This article has been created by the expert team at EDI2XML, a trusted EDI provider with 20+ years of experience. Its purpose is to help companies understand the EDI 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice better. Our goal is simple: we want to give businesses accurate information and show them how to …

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Apr 2022
EDI for transportation

We recently published a blog post on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for Specific Industries where we took a quick look at various industries and their use of EDI. In this article, we will take a closer look at the use of EDI in transport logistics and especially in motor carrier freight transportation companies. In this …

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Feb 2022
EDI integration

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange is a well-established protocol of business data exchange, which has become more and more widespread in recent years among businesses of all sizes and various industries. Through EDI, companies can exchange business documents that were traditionally communicated on paper or by e-mail. By replacing the exchange of paper or e-mail …

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Oct 2021
EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice in Transportation Management, 3 PL Warehouse, and third-party Logistics

Many different processes take place in the warehouse/3PL warehouse every day. All of them must be carried out quickly and accurately. In this article, we will look at the importance of using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) especially, an electronic document – EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice associated with shipment of goods. Let’s figure out who …

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Jul 2021
EDI in logistics

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration for Transportation and Logistics Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the exchange of commercial and financial electronic documents between business partners. There are several EDI standards used in transportation and logistics: – EDI X12 standard used in the United States and Canada. – EDIFACT – mainly used in Europe and international …

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May 2020
EDI for 3PL companies

Almost every manufacturing and distribution company today, work with third-party logistics providers (3PL) to organize and manage their transportation of goods. This allows companies to save on their cost of warehouse management, easily track the movement of their goods, inventory, preparation of documentation, cargo handling, and delivery to the buyer. In this article, let us …

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