Oct 2015

A recently published article on our parent site, Namtek Consulting Services, called “Finding the Middle Ground with EDI Software & Services” goes on to explain the three most common options Small and Medium Enterprises look into when beginning to use EDI to exchange documents with their Trading Partners.

These 3 options consist of:

  1. Building an EDI translation tool from scratch and doing all communication in-house
  2. Going with a large, reputable EDI Vendor to outsource your EDI
  3. Buy an EDI translation tool, targeted solely to developers

Here are the PROs and CONs for each:

Homegrown EDI SoftwareProminent EDI Vendor

EDI Translators for Developers


The best option? An EDI translation tool and service that is: Affordable, as a Service, handles ALL EDI Mapping, and has a great support team. Take a look at EDI2XML!

Read the full article here – Finding the Middle Ground with EDI Software & Services


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  • Sam

    23.12.2015 | Reply

    EDI Systems are very important within a business, it enables the company to focus on what they are actually good at. EDI Systems really should be interpreted in to most industry’s. They save money & time!

    • Stephanie Khoury

      Stephanie Khoury

      17.03.2016 | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Sam. We totally agree with you! EDI allows employees to move away from manual data entry to focus on their core tasks and projects. More and more, large retailers and enterprises are forcing their suppliers and customers to be EDI-compliant. We’ll be seeing a lot more businesses make this switch and we believe they’ll be happier for it.


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