Dec 2023
EDI fully Managed or API
(Last Updated On: May 17, 2024)

With over two decades of experience as a leading EDI service provider, we recognize the diverse intricacies that each company faces on their EDI journey.

At EDI2XML we understand that businesses have distinct needs and challenges when it comes to EDI integration. Drawing from our extensive knowledge of the industry, we’ve meticulously crafted a comparative table that highlights the distinctive features of our two prominent EDI services: the Fully Managed EDI Service and the EDI Rest Web Service (HTTP REST API).

We aim to provide clarity on how each service can cater to specific needs, from fully managed integrations to quick and cost-effective EDI compliance for SMEs.

Whether you’re a large enterprise in search of a fully managed EDI solution or a small to medium-sized business aiming for a quick and cost-effective EDI compliance route, this table is designed to provide a swift understanding of the differences between these two services.

DeploymentFully managed service; no on-site installation requiredWeb service /Rest API, running over the internet on EDI2XML platform
Integration TimeExtensive setup phase for a new trading partner. On average (3) to (5) weeks depending on the complexity and cooperation of the trading partner.Quick startup, get started within an hour.
Technical ExpertiseNo need EDI expertise; handled by EDI2XML team.No need for EDI experience; XML format familiar to developers.
Real-Time ConnectionReal-time access and responsivenessReal-time access and responsiveness
Integration ToolsEDI2XML team handles connectivity, EDI mapping, configuration, and more.Provides a functioning Java client for integration, for DIY approach.
File FormatAll EDI Standards (X12, EDIFACT, HIPAA / X12, RosettaNet) and format: XML, CSV, TXT, JSONSupports both EDI to XML and XML to EDI conversion only.
Custom File FormatAvailable upon requestN/A; Proprietary XML format used
PlatformDeployed on private CloudRuns on EDI2XML’s own platform over the internet
FlexibilityDifferent dynamic monthly service packagesPay-as-you-go pricing scheme, no long-term contracts
Integration SupportIntegration with any ERP/CRM applications.N/A;
Pricing StructureMonthly fee based on data volume and pre-packaged pricing1. Fixed monthly mailbox fee. 2. Data processing fee based on data volume ($ /KC)
Technical Support  Included in the serviceSupport is billable by ticket
AdvantagesEDI2XML handles the entire EDI project for the customerQuick startup with no need for EDI expertise
Free TrialN/A15-days free trial for new users of the API web service
Onboarding ProcessDetailed analysis, planning, and setup of Trading Partner accounts3 easy steps: Get information, Request a price list, Getting started in record time
ConclusionSuitable for companies without EDI skills and resourcesQuick and easy EDI compliance for SMEs

In the world of business, seamless communication and efficient data exchange are critical elements for success. For companies navigating the complex landscape of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), finding the right solution that aligns with their unique needs is paramount.

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As you explore the detailed breakdown of each EDI service, understand the advantages, and consider your business’s specific requirements, remember that EDI2XML is here to guide you on your path to EDI excellence.

Dive into the world of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with our insightful video explanation.

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For any further inquiries or a free consultation, feel free to reach out to us. We’re not just an EDI service provider; we’re your partners in navigating the complexities of EDI and ensuring that your business thrives in the digital exchange landscape.

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