Aug 2013
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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2021)

The licensing scheme of EDI2XML

EDI2XML is licensed in two ways: On Premises or as a Service. Both of these plans consist of converting EDI X12 files to XML format, as well as XML to EDI X12. The licensing scheme is affordable and very simple, allowing users to have unlimited EDI transactions per month per partner.

A license consists of an affordable one-time initial investment fee per partner as well as a recurring fee – maintenance & support fee paid yearly for the ‘on Premises’ option and a monthly subscription fee for the SaaS option.

Please consult our list of features for EDI2XML on premises as well as for EDI2XML as a Service.

We provide an EDI2XML portal for self-service users, where they are able to login and manage their EDI2XML profile at any moment.

EDI2XML was developed to simplify EDI projects and keep them under budget. Start enjoying cost savings and more free time when it comes to your EDI assignments!


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Free EDI Demo


*Please note that the EDI2XML “on premises” engine (or executable) runs on your server, on a platform running Microsoft windows operating system and .NET framework.

*VAN fees are NOT included

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