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Company Overview of Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory is an American national off-price department store retailer and a division of Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation. The company operated 592 stores located in 45 states and Puerto Rico, inclusive of an internet store and has approximately 40 000 employees.

As per the company’s website, the first store was opened in Burlington, New Jersey in 1972, selling principally coats and outerwear.  Since then company diversified product categories by offering an extensive selection fashion-focused, labeled merchandise acquired directly from nationally recognized manufacturers and other suppliers.

Burlington Coat Factory EDI Standards

For all communications with their suppliers, Burlington Coat Factory use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) including purchase orders, Advance Ship Notices (ASN), Invoices etc. The company is on EDI X12 v4010 standard.

Burlington Coat Factory EDI Specification

850 Purchase Order

Burlington Coat Factory sends 850 Purchase Orders via EDI, to inform their seller of a product request. A Purchase order 850 may be used to provide distribution requirements for receiving location(s), such as cross-dock, drop-ship, or direct to consumer as would be the case for the Burlington online store.

For each 850 Purchase Order, they indicate a purchase order number, a P/O date, the location of the ship to, provide a delivery time and product pricing.

856 Ship Notice/Manifest

Burlington Stores requires their seller to send an 856 Ship Notice/Manifest via EDI, to be advised of shipment information. The 856 transactions, includes order information, description of goods, types of packaging used, carrier information and more.

For a single purchase order, there can be or more shipments which would be followed by one or more 856 ASN Advance Ship Notice and possibly one or more 810 Invoices.

810 Invoice

The suppliers of Burlington Coat Factory have to comply with X12 810 Invoice to bill Burlington for products and services shipped to their stores.

Using an EDI 810 Invoice, permits Burlington to register payment-request information and update automatically their appropriate systems. The information included in the Invoice 810 provides automated cross-referencing of a purchase order and receiving information. This process is executed without manual intervention, thus eliminating further data entry.

824 Application Advice

Burlington Stores send 824 Application Advice via EDI, to notify the acceptance, rejection or acceptance with change of a trading partner’s transaction. The 824 transaction set contains information such as quantity and monetary amounts, dates, reference numbers, it also provides trading partner information, technical error descriptions in free-form text format.

852 Product Activity

The EDI message 852 Product Activity sent by Burlington to transmit product sales by location to the supplier. These messages inform a supplier about the items sold and items on hand at a store and its level. Burlington sends the EDI 852 message on a scheduled basis (e.g., weekly on Mondays) for input to a vendor’s sales and inventory management system.

997 Functional Acknowledgment

997 Functional Acknowledgment is required by Burlington, when sending or receiving EDI transactions. 997s, are an indication that a trading partner has successfully received a well-formed EDI message. The message Functional Acknowledgments 997 generated automatically for transmission back to the sending party.

Becoming EDI compliant with Burlington Coat Factory

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