Dec 2017
BBB EDI integration and Conpliance
(Last Updated On: April 1, 2022)

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information.

Bed Bath & Beyond – Company Overview

Founded in 1971 Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.  is an American-owned omnichannel retailer offering a vast selection of high-quality domestic’s merchandise and home furnishings.

Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) has an e-commerce platform consisting of various websites and applications. The Company also operates established retail stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. As of 2021, the company has a total of 1 020 stores and 55 000 employees.

Bed Bath & Beyond purchases its merchandise from 10 800 suppliers, 85% of such purchases are provided by small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s 10 largest suppliers accounting for only 15% of purchases.

BBB faces growing competition from online stores, such as Amazon. To strengthen its presence on Internet, Company makes acquisitions such as Decorist an online interior design platform. One Kings Lane Inc. – an online home goods retailer which offers an extensive collection of designers. PersonalizationMall.com – online seller of personalized gifts. Of a Kind, is an e-commerce website that offers limited edition items from emerging fashion and home designers.

Bed Bath & Beyond EDI Compliance

To be among the Bed Bath & Beyond suppliers, you must be able to send and receive documents electronically in accordance with x12 EDI standards.

As a supplier of Bed Bath & Beyond your company may be required to exchange the following EDI business document types:

At any time, we can add additional Bed Bath and Beyond compliant EDI transactions at a customer’s request.

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EDI Service Providers for Small Business

EDI2XML offers EDI integration with Bed Bath and Beyond to allow businesses of all sizes to become Bed Bath and Beyond EDI compliant.

Even small companies can trade with Bed Bath & Beyond using our EDI2XML Translation Service. Our services cover all:

  • EDI Mapping
  • Partner Configuration
  • Translation Processing
  • Standards Maintenance
  • XML Translation
  • EDI communication with Trading Partners, etc.

We also work with your team to easily integrate your EDI process with all major ERP systems.

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Best EDI for Small Business

With our EDI converter, B2B companies have the ability to exchange essential business documents via EDI without hiring in-house EDI/IT personnel. Our EDI2XML Translation Service is the best EDI solution for B2B. This service is great for any business looking to implement EDI at an affordable price, without any headaches.

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