Apr 2024
Oracle eBusiness suite Integration with EDI using Magic xpi
(Last Updated On: April 3, 2024)

Oracle eBusiness Suite, or EBS, is a powerful collection of products, businesses use to facilitate their business operations. It includes essential tools for finance, logistics, and human capital management. With over two decades of expertise in EDI integration, EDI2XML brings specialized knowledge to the table, enhancing the capabilities of Magic xpi for all-in-one integration and more efficient operations.

EDI helps businesses exchange documents electronically using standardized formats. For instance, your company can use EDI to share invoices of purchased goods with clients. Doing so streamlines the process and eliminates the need to share documents manually. 

Thankfully, with the help of Magic xpi, you can integrate EDI into Oracle eBusiness Suite. This article will provide insights about EDI integration with EBS. 

Oracle eBusiness Suite Overview

Oracle, one of the leading enterprise software makers in the world, offers the eBusiness Suite to help businesses manage different parts of their operations. There are a wide range of products under the suite categorized as follows:

  • Order management
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Projects
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Services
  • Financials 
  • Human capital management

EBS offers applications such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, project resource management, and more through modules. Unlike the Oracle Cloud ERP solution, the eBusiness Suite is not based on the cloud, so it’s deployed on-premises or on a private cloud.  


EBS is the company’s most widely used product lineup, powering medium to large businesses worldwide. Companies can find niche solutions that meet their requirements within the many modules. 

The Need for EDI with Oracle eBusiness Suite

Knowing that Oracle EBS is a versatile suite of enterprise software catering to businesses in different industries, hence the need for fast and accurate document sharing between different systems.

For instance, if you use the Oracle Order Management product, you may be unable to share an order invoice with a client, especially if they use a different system. Things can get even more complicated if the business partner or client is in another country/region. That’s why an EDI solution becomes necessary to facilitate the sharing of standardized business documents. 

Magic xpi for EDI Integration with Oracle EBS

Magic xpi, a smart integration platform tool designed to connect different heterogenous systems and make business tasks easier. It comes with ready-made connectors and adaptors made specifically for popular branded ERP and CRM systems, including Oracle’s verified connector.

While Oracle EBS is a versatile suite of enterprise software for various industries, sharing documents with business partners, vendors, and clients can still be challenging. However, it partners with companies like EDI2XML to make sharing documents between EBS and any other ERP and CRM system easy and smooth.

EDI2XML-Magic xpi-Oracle E-Business-integration

Why Magic xpi?

Compared to other integration platforms, Magic xpi is the most simplified. It’s designed to support B2B operations and work with different systems seamlessly. Here are some of the other benefits it offers:

  • Wide range of formats: For businesses with an international presence, Magic xpi can be used to integrate EDI with ERP and CRM systems whether it be a branded-on home grown system.
  • Automated conversion: Besides the initial setup, the process of sharing documents electronically is automated. This may save businesses considerable time and money. 
  • Easy-to-use interface: Magic xpi provides a unified gateway to automate and process documents of different types and formats, including EDI, when using EDI2XML add-on connector.

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Benefits of Integrating EDI with Oracle EBS

Without Magic xpi and EDI2XML’s combined solution for Oracle eBusiness Suite products, you may spend time and resources manually translating and sharing documents, such as order forms or invoices. An EDI integration solution is necessary for EBS to optimize the document-sharing process, regardless of which application you’re using. 

Here’s how EDI will help you grow your business:

  • Fast document delivery: No need to wait for days just to send an invoice. You can do it in minutes using your existing Oracle EBS application. It eliminates the need to create and share documents manually. 
  • Reliability and accuracy: Information is highly accurate with automated conversion between standards. Doing it manually may result in errors that can cause financial or reputational damage. 
  • One system for all: The same EDI solution can be used to share documentation with all your clients, regardless of the system they use, what type of business they run, and where they operate. 

Extend the Power of Oracle EBS with EDI2XML

Oracle eBusiness Suite can accommodate EDI with the help of Magic xpi. You need the right technical expertise to set up the connection, choose the applicable standards, and connect with partner systems. Without it, deployment can be delayed, and misconfigurations can occur. 

EDI2XML’s managed EDI services can handle all the Oracle eBusiness Suite EDI integration using Magic xpi. This service ensures that your EDI connection is always on and that any technical issues are resolved swiftly. It can empower you and your business partners by speeding up the document-sharing process. 

Learn more about EDI2XML’s managed EDI services today!


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