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In today’s highly competitive business market the efficiency gained through EDI implementation and integration is enormous. EDI (for electronic data interchange) allows companies to interact effectively with their business partners and opens new doors for small businesses to collaborate with large companies.

There are various types of EDI solutions, it can be either locally installed on-premises or cloud-based. Our company as a leading EDI provider offers all types of EDI services:

Each of the above EDI service models has its specific benefits. In today’s article, let’s look at the fully managed EDI service, and why companies can benefit from this EDI service or solution.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of business documents using a standardized format. EDI allows business partners to exchange business documents electronically rather than paper or e-mail.

Despite the widespread use of EDI in business, some companies still do not use EDI. They can be limited by the complexity of setting up their EDI flows and processes, or the lack of the necessary IT skills to do such an implementation. All these problems can be solved by hiring an outside EDI service provider that can take care of fully managing their EDI processes and its integration to their internal ERP/CRM system.

What is Fully Managed EDI Service?

The fully managed EDI service offering provided by EDI2XML means that we will fully manage the EDI operations and integration on the behalf of the customer.

Customers using our Fully Managed EDI Service do not need to install any software or hardware, we will setup and configure the process flows, take care of the data routing, and be responsible for data format transformation and integration.

With our fully managed EDI service, we will take on a wide range of responsibilities that are usually performed by an internal IT department and deliver a turnkey project when onboarding a client’s partners.

During the execution of any EDI project, our team will perform the following activities:

  • Initial analysis of the entire EDI Integration Project.
  • Work with the client to define the points of connectivity between both platforms.
  • Perform the communication testing, between the EDI2XML integration platform and the Trading Partner.
  • Configure the EDI2XML platform, according to the Trading Partners’ specific requirements.
  • Perform connectivity and full-cycle testing with the trading partner.
Fully managed EDI Service

EDI Managed Services for B2B Integration

A fully managed EDI service is ideal for companies that need to use EDI, but don’t want to spend time and effort to do the implementation themselves, or don’t have necessary EDI skills and specialists who can do it. They, therefore, need a partner (EDI service provider) who will take care of all the configuration and integration of EDI into any on-premises or cloud-based ERP or CRM system.

Advantages of The EDI Fully Managed Services

With an EDI managed service provider such as EDI2XML, you no longer have to worry about your EDI transactions because the EDI provider will professionally handle electronic data exchange on your behalf, so you can focus on growing your business.

Managed EDI

– No overpayments. For businesses, this is much more profitable than integrating EDI on-premises.

– Reliable level of security. The EDI3XML platform is hosted on our private cloud, in a state-of-the-art secured data center in Canada.

– No client-side installation. End-users do not need to download and install anything on their computers.

– Minimum requirements for user devices.

– EDI Fully Managed Services delivered by highly qualified EDI experts. Your company can benefit from the technical expertise of the EDI provider staff. You don’t have to deal with the cost of additional training for your own IT department or hiring additional EDI specialists.

– Possibility to seamlessly integrate EDI transactions into your business management system. We have implemented many projects to integrate EDI with Salesforce, SAP, Oracle’s JD Edwards, Shopify, and other business systems. This integration between EDI and ERP/CRM eliminates the need to manually enter data for each EDI transaction.

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EDI Fully Managed Service Price

Each month, our clients pay what we call the “ceiling” value, that is fixed in $ value, and includes a specific volume of data. At the end of the month, the monthly fee is re-evaluated based on the logs. So, depending on the volume, the price will be pre-calculated based on pre-packaged pricing packages per month, that increase (or decrease) dynamically based on the volume of data processed during a specific month.

In other words, when the monthly amount of data processed exceeds a certain threshold, the customer will be billed based on the respective pricing plan. It works both ways: when the volume is increased and when the volume is decreased.

Request our EDI Pricing Package here for more information.

EDI Outsourcing

Our company is a successful EDI service provider operating in North America and connecting trading partners worldwide for over 20 years. Our clients are large companies as well as small businesses from various industries.

Due to our level of experience and expertise, we helped each of our clients to choose the most optimal EDI solution for their business and qualified enough to handle all kinds of EDI scenarios.

Contact us for your first free consultation with one of our EDI integration experts.

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