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Apr 2014

In today’s article, I will be addressing the best option to process EDI data, exchanged between business partners, by identifying the advantages and inconveniences of two methods; an EDI Service Bureau and a Translation/Integration solution. It’s not a surprise to business people that exchanging business data using EDI protocols and formats has been around for …

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Jan 2014

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. As soon as there is a requirement for EDI implementation and integration, company executives, along with their IT personnel, begin by determining how they will comply with their EDI business partner to exchange EDI documents. They will need to acquire EDI translation software, initiate testing, …

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Sep 2013

Why use an EDI integration project? In today’s business world, lots of decision makers are still wondering whether to plunge into EDI integration projects or to hire a couple of new employees to manually enter data received and processed by a third party EDI service bureau. Which option is much more beneficial for their company and returns …

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