Sep 2013
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Why use an EDI integration project?

In today’s business world, lots of decision makers are still wondering whether to plunge into EDI integration projects or to hire a couple of new employees to manually enter data received and processed by a third party EDI service bureau.

Which option is much more beneficial for their company and returns the most on their investment?

At a quick glance, hiring data entry clerks might seem appealing for the following reasons:
1) The EDI understanding is still a complex topic to understand by non-technical people;
2) The considerable initial capital investment on integration projects: professional services, EDI consultants, professional services…
3) The ongoing EDI service bureau transactional fees, connectivity fees..
4) The time and effort needed to integrate EDI with their ERP, or Business management software solution, that will be billed by IT consultants, EDI specialists and consultants.

While the above reasons are completely valid, companies stop short from researching about the evolution of the EDI world.

With EDI2XML and its “Software as a Service” model, companies are able to cut over 75% of their EDI integration projects costs and gain efficiency and accuracy within a short amount of time. Just by implementing and using EDI2XML translators, the IT consultant of an SMB, will be able to focus on building the integration between XML data files and the business management software solution in place, since XML is widely used and understood nowadays. EDI2XML is able to generate a readable XML of the EDI file, easily understood by humans and systems. As long as the IT consultant has access to the ERP database structure, he will be able to read the EDI formatted file in XML, and push to the tables, after applying all kinds of business validation. The same applies for outgoing EDI documents. As long as the IT consultant is able to generate an output XML file based on a pre-defined schema, XML2EDI engine will process that file and convert into an EDI file format.

EDI communication protocols are becoming very straightforward today; less complexity and more security. Major retailers and corporations are using AS2 or FTPs secured in order to communicate EDI documents back and forth between business partners. Even better, if a company is not able to handle EDI projects due to lack of budget or expertise, EDI2XML technology is used and empowering erpwizard which is a fully integrated business management software solution offered “as a service” (SAAS) either “on customer premises” or in “the cloud“. Not only is it a fully integrated ERP software solution, but it offers a complete EDI solution.

We have over 15 years in EDI integration in the retail, manufacturing, distribution and healthcare industries. We’ve been very active in Montreal, Canada, where our EDI consultants are experienced at the business level just as much as they are at the technical level.

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