Oct 2015

X12 to XML:CSVMost businesspeople are becoming more and more familiar with EDI standards such as ASC X12, commonly used in North America, as well as EDIFACT, used around the world. Most companies today, that exchange documents electronically, understand that in order to integrate their incoming documents, which they receive from their Trading Partners (suppliers, retailers, partners), they need to convert these files into a more flexible format, without strict rules of data location.

This is why many companies look into converting their EDI documents to XML, a very flexible language used for easy integration into many software systems, as well as CSV (often used for JDE integration). These types of files are not bound to any specific location and are easily read by humans as data is easily identified by <tags>. This is especially useful for human intervention or for data analysis requirements.

Therefore, when looking to begin using EDI with Trading Partners you need to look for an EDI translation AND integration service. This will enable you to trade EDI documents, in whichever format your Trading Partner requires (ASC X12 or EDIFACT), convert these documents into XML or CSV, and integrate the data into your management system.

A flexible solution – convert EDI to XML

EDI formats are not understood or easily read by just anyone. It requires an EDI expert to be able to read the files and dissect them. Many large Trading Partners impose their own rules and requirements on top of those outlined by the standards, which is why, in many cases of translation, it is not always as straightforward as hoped. Most business executives are hesitant to begin trading via EDI because of these complexities.

However, if you find the right EDI Provider, who can handle all translations, all EDI mapping, all Partner configurations and all outbound and inbound communication with your partners, then you have nothing to worry about.

Our very own EDI2XML translation and integration services eliminate all of these complexities for you and you can begin trading electronically in no time. If you have your own in-house EDI and IT integration expert(s), then they can simply use our EDI2XML translator on premises.

If you’re looking to meet your Trading Partner’s requirements but also keep your business processes streamlined and integrated internally, then check out EDI2XML. Our team of EDI experts are experienced and flexible enough to work with any EDI format, where specs are readily available, and convert to a format your team or system can work with. It’s about keeping costs low and simplifying the whole EDI communication process. Contact us today!

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