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May 2024
EDI2XML-Integrating- EDI-and-Microsoft-Business-Central-using-Magic-XPI

This article discusses how to integrate EDI with Microsoft Business Central using Magic xpi to extend the software’s functionalities. Streamlining Business Processes with EDI2XML In the realm of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), EDI2XML stands as a beacon of expertise and reliability. With over 20 years of experience in the field, EDI2XML has been at the …

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Apr 2024

Explore the seamless integration of Shopify with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) using Magic XPI for efficient business operations. Why EDI2XML? With more than twenty years of experience in EDI integration, EDI2XML offers a wealth of specialized knowledge that enriches the functionalities of Magic xpi, enabling comprehensive integration and streamlined operations. Explore the transformative potential of …

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Apr 2024
Oracle eBusiness suite Integration with EDI using Magic xpi

Oracle eBusiness Suite, or EBS, is a powerful collection of products, businesses use to facilitate their business operations. It includes essential tools for finance, logistics, and human capital management. With over two decades of expertise in EDI integration, EDI2XML brings specialized knowledge to the table, enhancing the capabilities of Magic xpi for all-in-one integration and …

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Mar 2024
Synchronizing Accounts in Salesforce with Customers in NetSuite using Magic xpi

This article sheds light on syncing Salesforce and NetSuite, using Magic xpi and how it opens doors to streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences. Enhancing Efficiency: EDI2XML’s Magic xpi Solution If your organization uses Salesforce and NetSuite, synchronizing data between the two software can help optimize your business processes. With the proper integration tool, you …

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Feb 2024
Synchronizing EDI Orders 850 with Netsuite using Magic xpi

This article highlights seamless integration of EDI orders (850) into NetSuite via Magic xpi, to streamline business operations for maximum enterprise efficiency. Empowering Businesses with EDI2XML’s Magic xpi Expertise      With EDI2XML‘s specialized knowledge and 24+ years of experience in e-commerce automation, businesses can tap into the full potential of Magic xpi for effortless integration and …

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