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Aug 2021
Shopify Public app or Private app

During the COVID-19 pandemic situation, companies worldwide have shifted their business mostly to their eCommerce front, to stay the course and become effective, given the worldwide safety and restrictions. It is no secret that this kind of business shift positively affected eCommerce platform providers such as Shopify, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, Magento, and others in the …

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Apr 2021
CRM ERP integration with magic xpi

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. Integration of CRM and ERP systems: Definition CRM and ERP integration is the synchronization of data from ERP and CRM systems. The purpose of CRM and ERP integration is to provide automatic exchange of information between the enterprise systems. Nowadays, many enterprises use numerous different …

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Jan 2019
Integrating CRM using Magic xpi

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. More and more, companies are seeking to optimize their workflows as much as possible, by using different IT solutions. The fact is, more software applications that are “heterogenous” are deployed on a company premises. It is common to see for example a CRM (Customer Relationship …

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Mar 2018

Salesforce is a cloud CRM solution, designed to manage customer relationships, sales, and marketing. The company was founded in 1999 in San Francisco. At that time, the existing CRM systems were quite complicated to configure and expensive to operate, therefore, only large companies could afford a CRM system. The initial idea of Salesforce was to …

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