Sep 2013
(Last Updated On: May 26, 2021)

EDI (or Electronic data interchange) is the electronic file format used to exchange business transactions between trading partners. ANSI X12 is the most commonly used format of EDI in North America in the retail, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

EDI2XML is a mapping tool, capable of converting EDI files to XML. “Out of the box” EDI2XML translates EDI documents (i.e. 850, 860, 820…) into XML format that is readable by people and systems. It is capable of translating an XML format into an EDI format (i.e. 810,856,..). Basically, EDI2XML is an EDI to XML converter; it is also an XML to EDI converter.

Using EDI2XML helps you:

  • Streamline and simplify EDI projects, and cut EDI mapping software costs by 75 %.
  • Increase your Return on investment on EDI integration projects, by eliminating the need for complex EDI systems, and expensive EDI software that takes weeks and months to setup and configure.
  • Increase efficiency of your developers and EDI integrators, by providing them with a great EDI translation software, without the need of  extensive EDI expertise. “Out of the box”, the edi2xml engine provides an easy to read EDI document in a user friendly XML format which is very simple to integrate into any business software application.

EDI2XML converts EDI to XML. The same engine is intelligent enough to process XML and convert to EDI. Both engines, are bundled together and offered under the SAAS model (software as a service), where you pay per EDI docmeunt, per trading partner and per year. EDI2XML is the EDI translation software as a service that can help you get started with your EDI integration projects at a very low initial capital investment.

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Free EDI Demo 

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