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Oct 2015

Therefore, when looking to begin using EDI with Trading Partners you need to look for an EDI translation AND integration service. This will enable you to trade EDI documents, in whichever format your Trading Partner requires (ASC X12 or EDIFACT), convert these documents into XML or CSV, and integrate the data into your management system. …

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Aug 2015

A couple of months ago, we published a blog on our Namtek Consulting Services’ website about B2B transactions & EDI communication. This article went on to describe the beginnings of EDI in the business world and how far we’ve advanced with technology to simplify these B2B transactions with EDI2XML. Here’s a recap of this article;

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Jul 2015

EDI Communication is one of the best ways to exchange important business documents with Trading Partners. Documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices and ASNs can be safely exchanged electronically with business partners, like retailers, in a matter of seconds. In many cases however, Small and Medium Enterprises do not have the budget for some of …

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