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Jul 2019

  EDI Integration of B2B e-commerce for small companies More and more companies in the B2B vertical, are expanding their business to the web and doing more of what is called today B2B e-commerce. Those companies of all sizes are realizing the importance of automation and the value of exchanging EDI with their business partners, …

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Jun 2018

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information.   One major advantage of the digital transformation and the massive adoption of the cloud, is the initiation of a serious discussion between business owners and executives from one side and their IT service providers from another side, for an outsourced IT services based on …

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Dec 2017
Benefits to convert EDI to XML

This post was updated  to reflect current trends and information.   Overview of EDI EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – standardized message formats for the transfer of commercial information between business partners. The two most common documents exchanged using EDI are purchase orders (EDI 850) and invoices (EDI 810). To transfer the EDI data, companies are …

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Dec 2017
BBB EDI integration and Conpliance

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. Bed Bath & Beyond – Company Overview Founded in 1971 Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.  is an American-owned omnichannel retailer offering a vast selection of high-quality domestic’s merchandise and home furnishings. Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) has an e-commerce platform consisting of various websites and …

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Mar 2016

It’s no secret that our EDI2XML team loves helping businesses increase efficiency, improve partner relationships, accelerate movement of goods to customers and improve shipment accuracy by allowing them to easily exchange documents electronically between Trading Partners (read “Benefits of EDI Communication”). But, how do they do this and for how much? We want our customers …

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Jul 2015
Fully managed EDI integration

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. EDI communication, although it may still have a bad rep for being too complex and expensive, is growing in popularity amongst businesses. It still remains to be the best and most secure method of exchanging electronic information between Trading Partners. Does it have to be …

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Aug 2013
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The licensing scheme of EDI2XML EDI2XML is licensed in two ways: On Premises or as a Service. Both of these plans consist of converting EDI X12 files to XML format, as well as XML to EDI X12. The licensing scheme is affordable and very simple, allowing users to have unlimited EDI transactions per month per …

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