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Oracle JD Edwards integration
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The Synergy of JD Edwards and B2B E-commerce

Oracle’s JD Edwards software (also JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World) is an excellent software solution for mid and large size enterprises. This ERP (or enterprise resource planning) system is a central tool to help companies run their business. Usually, most organizations using JDE ERP software, are somehow engaged in B2B activities, such as doing business with wholesalers, retailers, or distributors…

Wikipedia’s definition of B2B E-commerce is “B2B e-commerce (also written as e-Commerce, eCommerce or similar variants), short for business-to-business, electronic commerce, is selling products or services between businesses through the internet via an online sales portal”.

In other words, it is B2B transactions that are happening online, over a B2B portal. The difference from an online B2C store that it addresses a company, and not an individual consumer.

According to Statista.com, the global B2B eCommerce market valuing US$12.2 trillion in 2019 is over 6 times that of the B2C market.

JDE e-commerce integration

The data of e-commerce market is impressive, but B2B e-commerce isn’t just for big companies. Many small and mid-size businesses also thrive in B2B e-commerce sales. Despite the size of the company, there is one common thing between all successful B2B e-commerce organizations – the Systems Integration.

B2B eCommerce customer loyalty

B2B eCommerce market is becoming hypercompetitive. Online customers today have high expectations, similar to the B2C (business-to-consumer e-commerce) market.

Business customers are demanding increasing levels of service and convenience. They are pressuring to quickly find the right products and faster way to process orders to support their workloads.

The e-commerce site or B2B portal, is becoming an extension of the business; therefore, for a better customer interaction and user experience, the B2B portal should be integrated without failure into the ERP system. As it is well known already, companies today adopt different kinds ERP, inventory management and supply chain systems… This makes it hard to manage data flow between those heterogenous systems. It influences negatively the shopping experience of a B2B customer.

Based on the above, and in order to overcome such challenges, companies have no choice other than adopting the seamless and real-time Systems Integration.

Benefits of B2B eCommerce Integration with JDE

Following are some of the benefits integration may bring to the company:

  • Allows everyone in a company to have the consistent information and immediate access to data such order history for example, in a real-time mode
  • Helps e-commerce companies to better serve their customers and grow online sales.
  • Helps companies increase their profits
  • Reduces company’s cost per transaction.
  • Better performance in year-over-year growth for revenue and product sales as well as increased growth of new customers.

Oracle JD Edwards Integration with Magic xpi

You’ve probably heard that integrating an eCommerce system with Oracle JD Edwards can be complicated, but it’s not the case if you use Magic xpi integration platform.

Organizations adopting Magic xpi for its Integration projects, can fully leverage the features provided in this API driven platform with certified connectors, to optimize the benefits from their eCommerce and JDE ERP software.

Magic xpi integration platform has more than 50 adapters, wizards, services, and methods enable companies to create continuous business processes based on JD Edwards business functions and helps enhance communication between e-commerce company and their online customers.

Driving innovation in your B2B eCommerce with Magic xpi

Magic xpi has an excellent JD Edwards connector, certified by Oracle themselves. It is able to discover JDE pre-built business functions or work directly with the Z-files of JDE.

It is API driven middleware that enables integration and orchestration of flows, business processes based on events and other multitude types of triggers. Adopting Magic xpi for integration projects, allows a company to benefit from the following advantages:

• Improve the quality of customer service. You can connect eCommerce, CRM, support, shipping, social media and more from the same integration platform, without any coding or programming requirements

• Speed processes and increase the productivity due to automatically synchronizing Work Orders, Bills of Materials, Return Merchandise authorizations and more across systems.

• Synchronize data, such as names, locations and product catalogs, between JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or JD Edwards World and other systems.

• Permit mobile workforce solutions for Order Entry, Proof-of-Delivery, Field Service apps, and more.

Oracle JD Edwards Connector Capabilities

  • Visual mapping between source and destination for business functions
  • Drag and drop: no coding required
  • Handles exceptions and errors, reliably and seamlessly
  • Integrates financial data in real time, near real time, and at optimal intervals
  • Integrates non-JDE applications with your JDE simply
  • Integrates with new and existing e-commerce websites
  • Integrates order tracking and logistics management over the Web
  • Integrates CRM and sales force management
  • Handles service calls and tracks orders over the Web
  • Runs natively on IBM I systems
  • Consolidates your charts of accounts with other systems and companies

 Oracle JD Edwards Connector Benefits

  • Creates services easily
  • Implements SOA with existing JD Edwards Enterprise One or JD Edwards World
  • Leverages investment in and knowledge of JD Edwards systems
  • Simplifies integration when upgrading or installing new versions
  • Overcomes integration barriers with existing systems
  • Modernizes the perception of JD Edwards applications
  • Integrates JD Edwards company-wide across all business processes, according to business process definitions
  • Empowers end users and technical staff
  • Increases efficiency through reliable and seamless handling of exceptions and errors
  • Allows access to information when you need it

Leave e-commerce integration to the experts

You don’t need to be an Integration expert in order to improve your business. By choosing EDI2XML and Magic xpi, you’ll have complete systems integration, enjoy ease of maintenance, and benefit from a high return on investment.

Free consultation ecommerce JDE integration

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