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Jul 2015

EDI communication, although it may still have a bad rep for being too complex and expensive, is growing in popularity amongst businesses. It still remains to be the best and most secure method of exchanging electronic information between Trading Partners. Does it have to be so complex and expensive? Not at all! It’s whom you …

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Jul 2014
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Should we migrate our EDI integration and processing platform to a SaaS EDI platform or instead, adopt an EDI translation software on-premises? The above question is asked by many business executives when involved in EDI integration projects, either when a contract or license with their current EDI provider or translation software comes to an end …

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Mar 2014

As an EDI expert, I receive many questions related to deployment of the EDI software. “Should our business go with on-premises or “in the cloud”?” As many business executives are not sure which way to go, I have listed a few questions that will make their EDI deployment decision easier. Below are the right questions …

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Dec 2013

In today’s competitive world of eCommerce, mobility and electronic business transactions, small and mid-sized enterprises are facing more and more challenges with “integration”.  It is not an option anymore for an SME to be able to communicate and exchange business data electronically with its partners; it is a “necessity”. Major retailers, manufacturers, transport companies, health …

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