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Mar 2018
EDI Integration with Salesforce

At the end of a discussion we had with one of our contacts, who was inquiring about EDI, Salesforce and how to integrate it all together, I decided to write this article, in order to clarify and structure my arguments with the hope it can help other readers who might fall on this article having …

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Mar 2018

Salesforce is a cloud CRM solution, designed to manage customer relationships, sales, and marketing. The company was founded in 1999 in San Francisco. At that time, the existing CRM systems were quite complicated to configure and expensive to operate, therefore, only large companies could afford a CRM system. The initial idea of Salesforce was to …

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Feb 2018

Information Technology is developing at a fast pace. Many experts call IT the fastest growing area of human activity. Systems and applications integration, play an important role in the IT space, and has a significant impact on a company’s performance as well as the entire industrial and commercial sectors. This is why, we have noticed …

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Feb 2014
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What is Magic xpi Magic xpi is a business integration platform proprietary technology for Magic Software. This business integration suite is very powerful and comes loaded with tons of built-in components to build workflows and orchestrate an entire business flow: Database gateways: to connect “natively” to the most common databases used within an enterprise (i.e. …

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