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Jul 2022
EDI Integration and Automation

Business Automation through EDI Solution Most entrepreneurs who have never experienced EDI before, feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting an EDI provider or solution, to start exchanging business documents with their trading partner. There are multiple EDI solutions from different big and small EDI Providers. At first blush, each EDI solution looks better than …

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Jan 2014

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. As soon as there is a requirement for EDI implementation and integration, company executives, along with their IT personnel, begin by determining how they will comply with their EDI business partner to exchange EDI documents. They will need to acquire EDI translation software, initiate testing, …

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Aug 2013
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The licensing scheme of EDI2XML EDI2XML is licensed in two ways: On Premises or as a Service. Both of these plans consist of converting EDI X12 files to XML format, as well as XML to EDI X12. The licensing scheme is affordable and very simple, allowing users to have unlimited EDI transactions per month per …

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