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Jul 2022
EDI Automation

Today, there are still decision-makers who are debating whether to invest in EDI integration projects or to hire a few new employees to manually enter and process data from trading partners. Since EDI is still a difficult topic for non-technical people to understand, hiring data entry administrators may seem like a reasonable choice. It is …

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Jun 2022
EDI 812 Integration

Modern businesses are constantly striving to improve and automate their business processes, especially when it comes to supply chains. However, even the best-run supply chains can face situations where adjustments need to be made. If a problem arises with a purchase order, the trading partner uses EDI 812. What is an EDI 812? EDI 812, …

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May 2022
What is IoT?

Previously, the Internet of Things was a complex to understand term and rarely being implemented. Currently, it is becoming very popular in the industrial and consumer world, and literally implemented everywhere, from private homes with robot vacuums to large manufacturing enterprises with huge systems of sensors, actuators, and devices. Every year, the demand for IoT …

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May 2022
e-commerce automation

The ability to quickly complete all e-commerce processes, from ordering to updating stock levels, is vital for any business that wants to make a profit and provide a high-quality customer experience, all of which cannot be achieved without process automation. Thus, automation of an online store is one of the main pre-requisites for operating a …

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Feb 2021
Amazon Seller Data automation

This post was updated to reflect current trends and information. Today, I would like to address a few of the most important aspects of Amazon Seller integration and automation, and why companies selling on Amazon Marketplace have no choice other than adopting the path of “Automation and integration” to their internal software business systems (ERP …

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